onsdag, april 29, 2009

The reader


Hade blivit ett snäpp högre om de pratat på tyska istället för på engelska med fånig tysk fejkaccént.

Jag har sett två väldigt bra filmer på bio denna veckan och har fått sitta ensam i salongen vid båda tillfällena. OK, nu när det är så otroligt fint väder så springer inte folk till biograferna precis men det känns helt otroligt att jag sitter helt ensam i den största salongen Växjö har att erbjuda och ser en Oscars-belönad film helt ensam. Premiärveckan dessutom. Inte undra på att det så sällan visas kvalitetsfilm här. Det är inte biografen det är fel på, det är Växjöbornas som bär skulden. Fy på er!

måndag, april 27, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning


lördag, april 25, 2009

Veckans låt v. 17

Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

His throne is unthreatened
No man dare to challenge
Emperor in stone, ruler in disguise
Take on life form, pass through fields
Let kingdom come
Eternal order done
Here they collect
The oath of servants
By the mountain side
Follow the pack
Caveman trapped inside
Trees and beings come to life
Emperor in fire, ruler in disguise
Take on life form, caught in the fields
Come alive you sovereign
Gather the herd and lead the way

fredag, april 17, 2009

Veckans låt v. 16

Animal Collective - My Girls

There isn't much that I feel I need
A solid soul and the blood I bleed
With a little girl, and by my spouse
I only want a proper house

I don't care for fancy things
Or to take part in the vicious race
But to provide, for one who asks,
I will, with heart, on my father's grave

I don't mean
To seem like I care about material things
Like our social stats
I just want
Four walls and adobe slats
For my girls

torsdag, april 09, 2009

Veckans låt v. 15

Ok, en gammal låt. Men det får bli så eftersom hon tar sådan tid på sig att skriva nytt material. Nu ska det iaf vara ny skiva på gång till hösten och jag längtar redan.

Joanna Newsom - Colleen

I'll tell it as I best know how,
And that's the way it was told to me: I
Must have been a thief or a whore,
Then surely was thrown overboard,
Where, they say,
I came this way from the deep blue sea.

It picked me up and tossed me round.
I lost my shoes and tore my gown,
I forgot my name,
And drowned.

Then woke up with the surf a - pounding;
It seemed I had been run aground.

Well they took me in and shod my feet
And taught me prayers for chastity
And said my name would be Colleen, and
I was blessed among all women,
To have forgotten everything.

And as the weeks and months ensued
I tried to make myself of use.
I tilled and planted, but could not produce -
not root, nor leaf, nor flower, nor bean; Lord!
It seemed I overwatered everything.

And I hate the sight of that empty air,
like stepping for a missing stair
and falling forth forever blindly:
cannot grab hold of anything! No,
Not I, most blessed among Colleens.


I dream some nights of a funny sea,
as soft as a newly born baby.

It cries for me pitifully!
And I dive for my child with a wildness in me,
and am so sweetly there received.

But last night came a different dream;
a gray and sloping-shouldered thing
said "What's cinched 'round your waist, Colleen?
is that my very own baleen?
No! Have you forgotten everything?"

This morning, 'round the cape at dawn,
some travellers sailed into town
with scraps for sale and the saddest songs
and a book of pictures, leather-bound, that
showed a whale with a tusk a meter long.

Well, I asked the man who showed it me,
"What is the name of that strange beast?"
He said its name translated roughly to

And I am without words.
He said, "My lady looks perturbed.
(the light is in your eyes, Colleen.)"
I said, "Whatever can you mean?"
He leaned in and said,
"You ain't forgotten everything."


"You dare to speak a lady's name?"
He said, "My lady is mistaken.
I would not speak your name in this place;
and if I were to try then the wind - I swear -
would rise, to tear you clean from me without a trace."

"Have you come, then, to rescue me?"
He laughed and said, "from what, 'Colleen'?"
You dried and dressed most willingly.
you corseted, and caught the dread disease
by which one comes to know such peace."

Well, it's true that I came to know such things as
the laws which govern property
and herbs to feed the babes that wean,
and the welting weight for every season;
but still
I don't know any goddamned "Colleen."

Then dive down there with the lights to lead
that seem to shine from everything -
down to the bottom of the deep blue sea;
down where your heart beats so slow,
and you never in your life have felt so free.
Will you come down there with me?
Down were our bodies start to seem like
artifacts of some strange dream,
which afterwards you can't decipher,
and so, soon, have forgotten

torsdag, april 02, 2009

Dåliga bilder, fint akvarium

En del växter behöver bara växa till sig så blir det riktigt bra till sommaren.